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Meet A.D.S. Ferreira

A.D.S. Ferreira is mom, wife, blogger, a good friend (she thinks), and novelist. She truly believes she must have been a sailor in her past life due to her love of water and her involuntarily use of f*****g vulgar words.

A.D.S. Ferreira has loved reading over television since childhood, but now Netflix is bingefully addictive. Her English College Professor told her she had a talent for writing, so here we are. Her work has appeared on her blog mostly, plus a couple of others. She has won several awards in her dreams even before writing this debut novel (impressive, huh). When she isn’t bothering her friends, family and Instagram followers with her writing, she is having dance parties with her son.



To be inspired is to be awakened. To be awakened is to live. - A.D.S. Ferreira