The Complicated Journey to Love

Coming Soon 2020

Aubrey never used to be Aubrey: her birth name was Noah, but she knew deep down she wasn’t a Noah because it only caused her heartache. That, and a suicide attempt, because if she didn’t love herself, why would anyone else love her?


But she was wrong, Mateo, the swoon-worthy, athletic and artistic king of Lawrence River Collegiate, was genuinely in love with her for as long as he could remember. The choice of what his heart beats for and what he thinks society wants from him, overtakes. He struggles to juggle his abusive uncle—who lives with him—and the obligation to be with Kayla: the queen bee.


All while Aubrey fears her feelings might not be reciprocated. 


Every time they attempt to be something more than just best friends, something or someone gets in their way.


She struggles with the backlash that came with her being her true self, feeling worthless as she attempts to recover from herself. But was it too late? Had a line been drawn that couldn’t be overstepped, or will they finally be together one day? 

 The Complicated Journey to Love 2

Coming Out 2022

Synopsis to be revealed soon! 

Charity runs away from home with the help of a scholarship she received from a New York College. On the way there, she meets the man of her dreams on the plane. However, he has a girlfriend. 

Will she find Mr. Perfect? Alternatively, be forced to marry parent-approved Jonathan. 


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