Frequently asked questions


What are your shipping options?

As of right now, I only offer standard shipping. I apologize for the inconvience. You can read more about shipping information here.

What are the shipping costs?

I offer flat fee shipping of $15.00 CAD for Canada and $25.00 CAD for the USA. Buuuuuuut if your order is over $100.00 for Canada and $150.00 for Canada, shipping is FREE! You can read more about shipping information here.

Do you ship internationally?

As of right now, I can only offer shipping in Canada and the USA because of shipping costs. I apologize for the inconvience! If you just can't accept this answer and REALLY REALLY *5 hours later* REALLY want to order and are okay to pay the shipping fees, please email me at author@adsferreira.com or through the contact page and we can try to find a solution.

How long until I get my delivery?

Processing orders can take 1 to 10 business days depending on the order. It all depends on the resin curing time, designs, if you've purchased something already made, or if you have a large order. You can read more about shipping information here.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, I will contact you with your tracking number. Also, if you're someone like me who likes to track my orders like a hawk, you can log into your member login here, and see any updates to your order.


What is your return policy?

You can read my return policy here.


Can I change or cancel my order?

You only have an hour to change or cancel your order before I start working on it. Please contact me via the website chat, texting the business line, or email me at author@adsferreira.com.

What do I do if I never received my order?

First and foremost, don't panic. Contact me, and we will panic together! I'm just kidding about panicking together; what I meant is contact me via website chat, email at author@adsferreira.com, or by texting business line, and we will figure it out.

When will I receive my order?

This is a hard question to answer because depending on the order the processing time differs due to the time to create the items, curing time, and customizations. To be safe, I would say 30 days before it is on your doorstep. However, I will provide you with a tracking number as soon as your order ships. You can check the updates on your order here.

How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

Unfortunately, you only have an hour to make changes after you place your order, because once I pour resin, there is no turning back. Unless you have a time machine, then we can work something out. If you're looking to change something in your custom design vinyl wise, you have 24 hours to do so.

What do I do if I received a defective order?

The unicorn will cry. Me; I am that unicorn. Please contact me via email with photos so we can discuss it. Please note, if you purchased an "As is" or "on sale" item that has minor flaws, there are no refunds or exhanges. You can read more about the returns policy here.


How are the products made?

Resin Products are made by A.D.S. Ferreira in her workroom. Resintint, Alcohol inks, mica powders, acyrilic paints, may be used to colour the resin. Dried flowers, glitter, perler beads, and more may be used in the resin for the design. If you have any questions about what is inside a specific product, please contact via website chat or email with the product name. Vinyl may also be used on some products as well.

Where do the materials come from?

The only resin used in the products is from ArtResin. You can check out their website here. ArtResin is certified non-toxic (when used as directed, which I do). There are no fumes and no solvents. It is also non-flammable and Non-hazardous. It has non-yellowing protection as well! ArtResin has been approved as food safe by the FDA. The resin is considered scratch-resistant but it is NOT scratch-proof, so please do not cut food on it if you buy a serving tray. The resintints and alcohol inks are also from ArtResin; however, the other colours, glitters, flowers, necklaces, keychains, and mica powders, etc. are from various of suppliers. If you want to know where stuff from in a specific product, please email author@adsferreira.com.

How do I make sure I order the right size or colour?

Most products don't have different sizes; however, if there is a product available in different sizes, you will be an option to choose from on the product page before adding it to your cart. The same goes for colours. If you are looking to purchase a product in a specfic colour, this would be considered a custom and you should contact me via email at author@adsferreira.com.


What payment methods do you accept?

As of right now, I can only accept paypal and credit cards. I am working on accepting debit cards soon. My fellow Canadians can also pay via e-transfer if they wish; however, you will have to place your order with me manually (by emailing me, DM'ing on Instagram, or by website chat letting me know what products you wish to purchase, and I will email you an invoice).

What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

Taxes are included in the product price already. Canadians will not be charged duties as the products will be shipped from Canada (I can't see how they would be). I am unsure if my USA customers will be though (my fingers and toes crossed that you're not).

Are my payment details/data secure?

As you know, PayPal is very secure. I do not share any information that you provide with third parties. This includes but not limited to your name, email, payment information, and address, etc.


Where are you located?

I am located in Ontario, Canada. However, I do not have a physical location to purchase products. If that changes in the future, you will be notified if you are in our mailing list, or via website and social media.

How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

You are more than welcome to use to the website chat, email at author@adsferreira.com, texting the business line, or DM'ing me on Instagram @craftsbyadsferreira or @adsferreiraauthor. Even if you just want to say hi!!!