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Grounding and Protection Guided Meditation with Morgane

For those who avidly read my blogs posts, you might remember the Parents Unite post that I had mentioned my on-going battle with mental health. Being someone who has high anxiety and reacts in the worst ways in situations that don’t go as planned, I definitely needed to find an outlet to control my nerves. To give you an idea of how anxiety triggers me in the worst of ways, I get stress hives and panic attacks often when I feel like I can’t handle a situation or a bump on the road.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Morgane on Instagram to write a review on her Grounding and Protection Guided Meditation; at first, I was a bit hesitant as I’ve never meditated in my life, decided to go ahead and try because you never know what you can learn, and I love writing about everything and anything. I’m glad I decided to move forward with trying Morgane’s guided meditation, it was not only relaxing but may very well help my anxiety.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me go step by step through my thoughts and emotions as I conducted this guided meditation. Not knowing what to expect, I downloaded the audio file and pressed play on iTunes. Much to my surprise, I was initially shocked that the audio clip was just under thirteen minutes long and expected thirty minutes to one hour; it was the perfect length, though. I listened to the audio and did what I told, which was a bit hard at first as I needed to clear my mind of thoughts and well, I can’t even do that in my sleep. I listened to this audio clip and meditation a few times before writing this review, so I can safely say I got better the more times I did it. The softness of Morgane’s voice and her accent definitely helped me relax and enjoy my sessions a lot more, there is something about the kindness in her tone that had me feeling free and safe more than I have in a long time. I will be quite honest, the second session a few minutes in when she told me I was safe, I cried. Not an ugly, loud cry, but non-stop tears rolling down my face as I focused on my breathing and thoughts. The visualization and the way she guides you perfectly soothe your thoughts, emotions, and mind right to the core of your soul.

Back to when I said this audio file is the perfect length even though 13 minutes long, is because I listen to it on my lunch break at work when I am having an extremely stressful day, like we all normally do. Especially on those days I felt like I won’t be able to make it until the end of my shift. 13 minutes to refocus my positivity, to tell me I am okay and safe, still leaves me with 17 minutes to eat lunch with my happy self and take on the tasked needed to be completed for the rest of shift. This guided meditation is the gift the keeps on giving, it is perfect for stressful work days, perfect for me time when you’re a stay at home parent and your partner came home and can take over for THIRTEEN minutes only. This audio file might even be the perfect “white noise” you might need to hear to fall asleep. Hell, I’d recommend this for couples getting married to meditate the morning of their wedding to calm their nerves. Did I mention this guided meditation audio file only costs €5 (around $8 Canadian), your mental health and peace of mind is worth every second of it!

All I know is in this day in age where we are always busy, stressed, tired and in a rush, a guided meditation that is just over 10 minutes long is what we need in this world.

Here is a bit about Morgane:

Morgane is a shaman, energy healer, Reiki teacher, certified personal development coach and author. As a catalyst, her goal is to help others launch their self-healing process to heal their pains and wounds (physical, emotional, mental and at a soul level). She can help release blockages, recurring patterns in your life and also does ancestral healing so that you can (re)write your story and become the master of your life.

To find the exact meditation audio file I used, click here, also available here.

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*Please be aware that this was not paid advertisement and only a review of my opinion on this specific product.

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