Love at First Sip!

The moment you touch my lips, I knew we were meant to be together.

Your aroma, sending my senses to a high drive of needing you right here, right now. When I held you in my hands, I knew that my wait for you was worth every second we got to spend together. 

Now, I know you are adored, loved, and maybe needed by many; but when I taste you, I feel like there is no one else around. 

You're a blessing that helps me get through the day.

You give me strength for all my tasks at hand, including the kid.

Your support through my sleepless nights to get my chores, goals, or binge-watching shows on Netflix accomplished, is indescribable. 

I love you...
I love you so much... 
Will you accept being loved, enjoyed, tasted, and feeling needed, every day for as long as I shall live? 

Not a day goes by, that you aren't my first thought in the morning. 

The way you adapt yourself to whatever mood I am in, compromising your identity to my liking, makes reality better than dreams. 

Vanilla shot or skim milk, to whip cream, or caramel drizzle. 

You're ability to change just like that, is like you have been infused with Mystique's DNA. 

YOU complete my desires, my wants, my needs. 

One sip, and my day has been conquered. 

Your creamy, coffee bean goodness takes my tastebuds out for a night in the town, as if it was Cinco de Mayo. 

What I am trying to ask is...

Will you marry my tastebuds? 

Will you accept being loved, enjoyed, tasted, and feeling needed, everyday for as long as I shall live? 

I love you Coffee *Swoons* 

.... Be right back, I've finished my coffee! 

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