Seeker of Time By J.M. Buckler Review

Okay, so get this, I am ONLY giving this book 4.5 stars so I can sleep at night when I give her second book 5 stars when I finish it. LOL ;) Everyone says the second book is a million times better, so I want to give it the 5 stars it deserves. On a serious note, I only took .5 stars off due to a minor formatting issue and some repetitiveness. For a debut novel, this book was spectacular. The author knows how to bring their characters to life and give them personalities. When I was reading the first few chapters I felt like the author was going to go down a very obvious character shipping and I was starting to finally get okay with them after a few chapters then BAM, she starts a plot twist. After I got a few chapters into the I couldn’t put it down. I’m serious; I couldn’t put the damn fucking book down! It was as if it was superglued to my hands and I finished it in a day. I had to keep reading to know what was going to happen. Fuck chores and making lunch for the day. (Just kidding, I had to feed my kiddo. It was the fastest lunch I made though!) The author has excellent skills in keeping you engaged and writing dialogue. I found myself giggling at some of the conversations between Jax and Elara. Oh, and Jax? Yup, that character is my boyfriend now (sorry, my sweet husband). I can’t wait to indulge and continue the series. Buckler, please don’t stop and give us more!

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