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The Important Ingredient to Learning!

Hello Professor, 

I hope this email finds you in a better mental state than I am in currently.  You see, I thoroughly enjoy your lectures, and the knowledge you bless us with; however, general consensus from all your students, bluntly is that your snacks is the ice cream on a perfect moist chocolate cake. The gold fishies you gave us last week, was the prime source of nutrients that was vital to our learning success. As I sat down at my desk at home, determined to review each and every note, term, and reading, to thoroughly prepare for the test we have on Tuesday. I can feel my mind slipping slowly into distraction for a savoury treat. Distraught, I close my book and head to the kitchen searching for a small treat that is destined to encounter my lips, become soul mates with my taste buds, and live in my body as it energizes me for the task at hand, preparing for your test. Once I find the heavenly creation called Oreos, my mind halts to a momentary bliss. As I snuck away with my package of treasures I had bought for my children and sat back down at my desk. As I took the first bite into the Oreo, it was like my mouth and my cookie was two long lost lovers finally reunited doing an intimate performance of the tango. I realize a moment later that life had just taken a swift turn for the worst. Crap, I forgot the milk. This is when I realized I was wrong and there was something more terrible than forgetting milk. I realized no one asked if you were bringing snacks to test day. I guess the reason why I’m emailing you is to ask you a vital question...  Do you want us to succeed or fail?  As you can see that is entirely in your hands, with the decision of if you’re bringing us food or not.


A concerned, always hungry, Student.

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