Through her Eyes By Sophie Fahy Review

First things first, I will be quite honest. I bought and read this book to support a sweet fellow writer; I'm glad I did. Sophie Fahy's debut novel has easily cozied itself into my top 10 favourite books. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, threatening your balance at times having yourself think, "surely this is the moment I fall off." Alyssa Darlington's realistic thoughts, actions, and personality have you quickly falling in love with her. She is witty, and sharp even at the moments she thinks she isn't. Every time you think you know who her attacker is, the plot takes a drastic turn! It wasn't until that last few chapters that I undoubtedly knew who the attacker is, and saying I was indescribably shocked would be the understatement of the century. I give this novel a very well deserved five stars, and if I could give more, I would.

You can find Sophie Fahy's website and Instagram here.
You can also buy her book on amazon here.
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